Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

We're specialists in MWD.

Our clients have access to:
• Our own retrievable, reseatable electromagnetic (EM) technology
  (patented by Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.™) and
• Reliable, proven Positive Pulse MWD systems

Save yourself a trip - for MWD.
Mostar is also known throughout the industry for its patented Dual Telemetry MWD system, which enables you to switch between EM MWD technology and Positive Pulse MWD (mud pulse) technology without tripping out of the hole. Harness the power and the advantages of both - and toggle between the two as needed in less than eight minutes. Check it out.

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  • No other directional company has full-service facilities like Mostar's. We enable real quality control through preventative maintenance.