Breakout Machine

Get Torqued Up
Mostar houses multiple Breakout Machines in order to help build our motors and torque the connections to spec. Each connection is fully torqued and documented before the motor is sent out to the field, which provides increased reliability and accuracy of our tools. It's a standard part of Mostar's total preventative maintenance program.

Mostar also has the ability to break apart connections that could not be untorqued at the rig.

The proof is in…the ticker tape
For every connection we have with a motor, we can produce its torque specs. The ticker tape,produced by the Breakout Machines document how each connection was programmed - from the serial number and date to the target and actual torques on the motor. "It's how we prove we've done our due diligence." (RP)

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  • If you're serious about servicing your mud motors, you need to have a dyno. Mostar houses one of the only dynamometers in Alberta.