Harness the Best of Both Worlds - with Dual Telemetry MWD.

Patented by Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.™

In your business, "trip" can be a four-letter word… especially when it's due to an MWD failure in the field. Mostar has a patented solution tailored specifically for your needs.

While mud pulse is both proven and reliable, it takes more time to get readings to surface, slowing down the drilling process. EM (electromagnetic) MWD is typically faster, but higher resistance formations can absorb the signal, making it (at times) impossible to get surveys.

It's flexible. The Dual Telemetry MWD system gives you the ability to maximize speed using EM technology where the formation allows, and convert to mud pulse when required – without tripping. Switching between EM and mud pulse can be done in less than eight minutes.

It's retrievable and reseatable. Simply put - if you're stuck in the hole, our equipment can be brought to surface - saving the cost of replacement. There's no other Dual Telemetry system like it.

It's fast. Using EM technology allows us to transmit data to the surface four times faster than with standard mud pulse, allowing you to drill quickly and save money.

And reliable. Using existing MWD technology means proven reliability and reduced chances for failures downhole.

It's efficient.. Running 400 hours on a single battery (compared to 150-hour life spans for standard mud pulse systems), Mostar gives you the longer run times you need through a more efficient use of energy.

It's cost-effective. Batteries are a major operating expense with MWD. Longer battery life can result in lower operating costs for you.

It's accurate. Extra care and attention to our operating systems combined with using EM technology means we're able to drill with better precision to hit the target.

It's robust. You need tough equipment to tackle the downhole environment. The Dual Telemetry MWD system has been designed to withstand high vibration and high temperatures.

Last but not least, it's compatible with gamma and focused gamma, enabling us to monitor the formation while drilling.

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  • EM technology transmits data to surface four times faster than standard mud pulse, allowing you to drill quickly and economically.