Equipment Customization

We've Removed the Typical Limitations

You've said it before. "If I just had _______..."

You have an idea, but the solution doesn't exist yet. It's something that would make your life easier, or solve a specific problem you encountered on the job…but it takes time, effort and the right expertise to turn it into reality. Mostar's philosophy is about pushing the boundaries. You're not limited to what's available today.

• We've customized complete BHAs to match our clients' own vision and unique needs.
• We provide fixed bend housings of any angle.
• We've designed and manufactured new technology and equipment based on concepts that may have originated from something as simple as a napkin sketch.

We're listening. Talk to us about your own vision.

  • It's always smart to have a spare. That's why we send both EM and mud pulse technology to every well site.