MWD Gamma Sensors

360 Degree Gamma Sensors
You require accurate, calibrated gamma sensors that allow you to capture gamma from the formation around the entire circumference of the drill string. Mostar's 360 Degree Gamma Sensors enable you to do exactly that, and see accurate transitions in formations as you drill which can be particularly important in horizontal well projects.

Aligned Focused Gamma Sensors
For wells where specific gamma snapshots are required, Mostar's Aligned Focused Gamma is mechanically aligned to the high side of the string. Developed in house, it eliminates the need to calculate compensation angles and enables you to interpret directional information as you rotate the string. It's like having eyes and a compass downhole. For our clients, it means they're able to drill more accurately and stay within small formations.

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  • It's always smart to have a spare. That's why we send both EM and mud pulse technology to every well site.