Mud Motor Dynamometer

Performance testing improves reliability in the field.

Drilling is an extremely complex operation. It's important to take every precaution possible to minimize your risk up front. "No matter how thorough your maintenance program is, you shouldn't send directional equipment downhole before you've tested it," adds John Petrovic, vice-president.

Mostar houses one of the only dynos in Alberta. A dynamometer is used to check the performance of a mud motor before it's sent downhole – and Mostar uses it to test each motor before sending it out to the field. Potential performance issues are identified in advance and resolved in-house.

The diagnostics generated are also important should there ever be a concern in the field. "We can haul equipment back to the shop, pull it straight off the truck and dyno it right in front of our clients' eyes," adds Petrovic. "The dyno would determine if our tools failed or not."

"Bringing a dynamometer to Calgary was one of the first decisions we made," notes Victor Petrovic, president of Mostar. "It demonstrates our commitment to doing true preventative maintenance for our clients."

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  • If you're serious about servicing your mud motors, you need to have a dyno. Mostar houses one of the only dynamometers in Alberta.