We call it "shop" envy.

No other directional company has full-service facilities comparable to Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.™ Our shops are equipped with the latest in mud motor servicing - like multiple calibrated breakout machines, jar testers, highly trained mud motor technicians and a mud motor dynamometer In Calgary. We're equipped and trained to provide you with ASNT inspection, parts tracking and a comprehensive service program for all aspects of the directional drilling process.

What You Need To Know:
When companies try to get another run out of a tool that needs servicing, failures are more likely to occur. Our in-house capabilities make it easy to service our motors efficiently and keep them running like new.

We don't believe in third partying. There's a lot at risk out in the field - that's why we don't rely on third party definitions of good maintenance. By servicing our motors in-house, we have complete visibility and control over what is sent out to the field. True pride of ownership runs throughout the organization and it shows. If it has Mostar's name on it, it had better be maintained according to Mostar's highest standards.

Motors have to perform. As a result of our meticulous maintenance practices and genuine attention to detail, Mostar has earned a reputation for having extremely reliable mud motors with unmatched performance downhole.

All motors deserve the same attention. It doesn't matter if a motor has been downhole for five minutes or 150 hours. Each time our motors return from the field they're pulled apart, fully inspected and serviced. We believe they deserve it. After all, they're tough performers.

Motors should be entitled to a longer lifespan. Directional drilling equipment can be very costly to replace, often resulting in increased costs being passed on to the client. To ensure we're able to give you the best value for your dollar, we work hard to get maximum productivity out of our motors. Preventative maintenance and a rigorous ongoing service schedule allow us to prolong the overall lifespan of our motors by 50-60 per cent beyond the industry average.

Check out our Canadian facility – proudly serving all Western Canadian and Northern U.S. clientele.

Mostar's U.S. facility in Rifle, CO is an impressive 12,000 square foot mud motor shop providing service for Western, Central and Southern U.S. clients.
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  • If you're serious about servicing your mud motors, you need to have a dyno. Mostar houses one of the only dynamometers in Alberta.