Mud Motors

Configure your mud motor the way you want it.
By servicing our own motors we put together a wide range of power section configurations with various RPM, sizes, torque, rotor/stator interference fits and the like. After all, you need a specific mud motor to match the unique needs of your well.

Extra tough bearing sections
Mostar's own patent-pending VX motor stands up to high torque from the latest power sections and has conquered some of the most difficult and unyielding drilling conditions. Its increased rate of penetration (ROP) also allows for improved efficiency. VX incorporates a shorter distance from bit to bend and is compatible with any fixed bend housing at any angle.

It also provides flexibility - allowing you a choice of bits for use in different applications. More aggressive bits can be used to drill with higher weight-on-bit capacity.

• Mostar manufactures bearing housing stabilizers for jobs that require motor stabilization
• Fixed bend housings are available at any angle upon client request
• All power sections are extended – providing you with more torque and higher performance
• All mud motors incorporate hard rubber elastomers, resulting in more powerful, robust power sections
• All dump subs are bored for float, which eliminates the need for one more sub in the string
• Jetted, gun-drilled rotors are available

Our fully-equipped manufacturing and repair facility allows for ongoing equipment enhancement and real quality control. Preventative maintenance results in increased reliability and a 50-60 per cent longer lifespan for our motors.

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  • If you're serious about servicing your mud motors, you need to have a dyno. Mostar houses one of the only dynamometers in Alberta.