Positive Pulse MWD

Solid Roots. Solid Rep.
Mostar relies on the GE Power Systems' Tensor™ Positive Pulse MWD system for its MWD equipment. For more than 30 years, the Tensor™ system has earned a reputation as the industry standard for proven reliability and ease of use in mud pulse technology.

Reap the Benefits.
It's happened to you before – you're stuck in the hole. With Positive Pulse MWD, the system is retrievable. "If you're ever in the same situation again, we can pull some of the jewelry out of the hole," says John Petrovic, vice-president. "It's nice to have a bit of reassurance when there's so much at stake." The system is also reseatable, saving you the trip out to put in a new tool.

Customized Configurations.
Positive Pulse MWD is modular, allowing you to choose the arrangement you want to use.

Check out Mostar's patented MWD technology:
Dual Telemetry MWD – eliminates the need to trip for MWD
EM MWD – retrievable, reseatable

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  • Retrievable, reseatable EM MWD technology. Developed in-house at Mostar.