Underbalanced Drilling

You may choose underbalanced drilling (as opposed to conventional drilling) in order to reduce formation damage, increase your rate of penetration and the like. To accommodate your needs, Mostar has significant experience with underbalanced drilling.

Our tools are proven to be very durable, robust and have been designed to withstand the significant forces encountered.

Underbalanced drilling requires a reliable EM tool. Mostar's patented EM MWD system incorporates proven technology with improved components and is both and retrievable and reseatable. Our patented isolation sub increases the reliability of getting EM signals to surface.

It also requires a measure of annular pressure in addition to internal pipe pressure. Differential pressure between the two is indicative of drilling activity. We've got the goods that will enable you to measure both.

Talk to us about the right BHA for you.

  • It's always smart to have a spare. That's why we send both EM and mud pulse technology to every well site.