Why It's Worth It

If you're like our current clients, you're looking to improve performance, minimize your risk, enhance quality control, simplify processes and stay on budget. We've highlighted the ways we've helped others facing challenges like yours:

Complete Quality Control. You've got a lot at risk out in the field, and relying on third party definitions of good maintenance ups your risk even further. That's why we've developed an entirely unique business model (one that's customized to meet your needs) from the ground up. From development and manufacturing to planning, inspection and trucking - it all happens inside Mostar.

Unparalleled Facilities. This helps ensure real quality and reliability for you in the field. Our in-house, full-service, oilfield machine and full fabrication shop gives us the capabilities to manufacture and service our own tools from start to finish.

Preventative Maintenance. Failures result from trying to "get another run" out of a tool that needs servicing. Each time our motors return from the field they're pulled apart, fully inspected and serviced - whether they've been downhole for five minutes or 150 hours. Our internal tracking systems also allow us to record detailed histories on each of our tools.

Costs Up Front. You're not a fan of surprise invoices, and neither are we. Mostar's clients know ahead of time what their directional project will cost them. We don't believe in hidden costs. We have a cost-controlled environment that enables our customers to control costs and budget accordingly.

One Invoice. Picture receiving just one bill for your entire service package, including directional services and MWD, manufacturing, equipment servicing, inspection and trucking. Mostar makes it happen.

Committed to R&D. You want the most advanced directional technology for your project. Mostar has acquired multiple patents for industry-leading technological innovations and solidified its position as a demonstrated leader in directional technology. Our in-house research and development team works around the clock to raise the bar in capabilities, tools, equipment and processes for the directional drilling industry.

In-House Inspection. Certified inspectors provide the reassurance you seek, verifying that the equipment is ready to go out to the rig. Mostar's staff are ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) accredited and do a complete inspection of all equipment. We don't believe in short cuts.

Explore your options with Mostar Directional™ today.

  • From engineering and design, to production of our own downhole tools. It all happens at Mostar.