Well Engineering and Well Planning


Reap the benefits of working with our experienced well planners and well engineers led by Mostar’s drilling engineering team. We’ll work with you to design the optimal well path for your project – from regular directional wells to more complex multilaterals. 


Our experience team specializes in:


Torque & Drag. Sometimes you need to gauge whether the rig itself can actually handle your planned well path. For clients with special needs, we offer torque and drag analysis.


Anti-Collision. We’ll help ensure that your planned well path maintains a safe distance from existing wells in the same area. Simply ask us for an anti-collision report.


Keeping You Informed. From client sign-off on well plans, to daily updates on the actual drilled path to-date, we keep you informed of our progress in the field.

Software Development


Mostar creates our own software in-house. Our experienced software engineers work with information that comes straight from the field to provide you with the best, most useful feature set for a changing industry. As in everything we do, we’re committed to constant improvement of our software. Mosteer™ is the latest creation from the team. It is the fastest, most complex data-decoding software on the market to date. By having our own proprietary software there are no limitations for creating specific on-the-fly revisions to meet any requirements towards the operator’s needs.

Material Management System (MMS)


Quality control of manufacturing and service of directional equipment is directly proportional to a company’s “Mean Time Between Failure”. That’s why in 2012 Mostar Directional Technologies developed a database to track our entire inventory and run records for each part. This Material Management System (MMS) has been instrumental in allowing us to track everything from who machined the part, who assembled and tested the tool to where it was run and hours on tool. This combined with strict procedures and damage review allows us to continuously improve our service.


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Equipment Manufacturing and Machining


We don’t like to trust third parties to take care of our equipment. We service everything ourselves,” says John Petrovic, vice-president of Mostar Directional Technologies Inc.. No other directional company has full-service facilities that compare to Mostar’s. Our in-house oilfield machine and full fabrication shops enable us to manufacture and service our own tools. It also provides you with true quality control.


We know that failures result from trying to extend the run of a tool that needs servicing. That is why our equipment goes out to the field in new condition. Mostar’s staff are ASNT (American Society for Non-destructive Testing) accredited and do a complete inspection of everything from mud motor parts to subs and threads.


We also know that you need to save money where you can. Mostar’s clients benefit from working within a cost-controlled environment. A real preventative maintenance program combined with our in-house service and manufacturing capabilities makes a significant difference for our customers’ bottom lines.



We Deliver. Arranging transportation of directional equipment to and from the well site is an extra step that often results in additional costs being passed on to the client. Mostar Directional™ takes care of the details for you by providing our own heavy duty transport vehicles and experienced, certified drivers. We’ll ensure the right equipment gets to you safely and on time.