At Mostar, we’ve been designing and manufacturing top-quality downhole tools in Canada since 1975. We invite you to learn more about how our constant innovation, forward design and precise engineering can work for you.


MDT G3 Dual Telemetry MWD System 


The MDT G3 system is Mostar’s flagship MWD tool, and North America’s leading dual telemetry system. Fully patented and incorporating modifications from 10 years of deployment in thousands of horizontal and directional applications, the G3 system is the most advanced MWD tool available.


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Mostar’s Intelli-Pulse is a revolutionary decoding system that applies new modulation scheme called PPWM – Pulse Position and Width Modulation for Measurement While Drilling (MWD) using mud pulse.


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MEM Electromagnetic Tool


Mostar’s MEM is our standalone electromagnetic tool. This is the strongest fastest transmitter in the industry with data rates as high as 16 bits per second. This is the perfect tool for fast hole applications where high data density is required. This transmitter has over 10 years of experience and modifications that have helped it become the fastest most reliable EM system on the market.


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