Our Story, Our Difference


Constant innovation, forward design and precise engineering are Mostar’s lifeblood. We stand by our products because we create and manufacture them down to the component level. Based in Alberta with a North American reach through our operations in Midland, Texas, Mostar constantly strives to be the industry leader in innovative downhole technology.


At Mostar, we’ve been designing and manufacturing top-quality downhole tools in Canada since 1975. By the late 1990s, some of the leading directional companies in North America relied on Mostar for mud motors, gap subs and transmitter. In 2004, with a solid reputation gained from years of experience of creating innovative technology for our customers, we opened a new chapter as Mostar Directional, a full-service creator and supplier of telemetry and other downhole solutions. Today we’re one of North America’s leading directional technology companies, with more than 10,000 directional and horizontal wells drilled.


Our patented technology, including the industry’s first dual-telemetry system, helps you meet the tight budgets that come along with increasingly tighter plays. We’re proud of our integrated, in-house development, design, manufacturing and inspection capability. We can modify any component to meet your needs and ensure quality in a way that companies that rely on rented or OEM equipment just can’t.